Maydolly Cradle
Maydolly Cradle

Color: White

Maydolly Cradle
Maydolly Cradle
Maydolly Cradle
Maydolly Cradle
Maydolly Cradle
Maydolly Cradle

The most adaptable bassinet

that safely meets the needs of more babies than any other bassinet.

Electric Smart Cradle - 506

Replicates the natural bounce and sway motions of parents.

Simple to operate

Skin friendly breathable high-quality fabric, you can observe the baby's dynamics at any time.

The height of the crib can be adjusted by 7 gears to meet the needs of people in different scenes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Isaiah Briggs

Maydolly Cradle

Nice but could be better

Overall we are happy with the crib. With that said there are some issues I would like to see resolved, especially considering the price. I am going to break this down by features: 1. The design is so simple and beautiful at the same time. 2. The rocking works well but sometimes there is a squeaky noise requiring the crib be repositioned. I also like that you can push down on the crib to trigger the bounce feature

We're getting sleep

We love our Maydolly Cradle. Our daughter started sleeping 7 hours straight at 8 weeks old waking up only for a feed and then back to bed for another 3 hours before starting the day. Her sleep continued to get longer and now at 5 months old she is sleeping 12 hours every night! We are able to see how often she wakes in the night and the Cradlewise soothes her back to bed. We are so grateful for the sleep it lets us get!

Overall experience

It’s definitely our favorite purchase! The fact that it has so many things built into one made it worth it for us. We absolutely love this crib!

A godsend to new parents

modern, hi tech, comfortable & safe