Baby Bedside Bassinet Plus
Baby Bedside Bassinet Plus

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Baby Bedside Bassinet Plus
Baby Bedside Bassinet Plus
Baby Bedside Bassinet Plus
Baby Bedside Bassinet Plus
Baby Bedside Bassinet Plus
Baby Bedside Bassinet Plus
Baby Bedside Bassinet Plus
Baby Bedside Bassinet Plus

Baby Bedside crib &cradle

Adjustable Height,Easy Folding Infant Bassinet

3 IN1 Maydolly Baby Bassinet

this premium bassinet provides complete peace of mind, exceptional quality and ease of use.

Multiple functional applications in different occasions.

3 in 1 Rocking Bassinet

can be used as a standalone bassinet, bedside sleeper attached to the adult bed, or rocking bassinet that mimics sway motions of parents to help soothe your baby to sleep.

Easy fold system and handy travel bag allow you to take the baby bed away wherever you go.

Customer Reviews

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Kevin J Koss
Great bassinet

Easy to assemble. Easy to fold and transport. Rolls around the house which is convenient for nap times in all rooms. Side flap makes it great for mom access from the bed too.

Wonderful. Giftable. One of the best I’ve ever seen

Sturdy and convenient

Once together it's very sturdy. The look is very modern. The wood makes it pop. The mesh is breathable. The wheels help you move it with ease. You can break it down and use the travel bag to travel with it which makes it super convenient for traveling or even going to grandma's.

Can be collapsed and taken with you

nice bassinet that can be collapsed and put in a bag it comes with to take with you. is easy to setup and take down. was a little worried because a collapsable bassinet doesn't really sound like a good idea, especially with a baby in it, but it seems to be really sturdy when setup.

Large Storage Space

I truly love this Baby Bedside Bassinet. It is well-designed and very ergonomic/innovative. So, it is 100% user-friendly product for both parents and a baby. The underneath storage is pretty spacious, so it is really easy to store baby gears.

?Nice bassinet!

This bassinet is great because it can be used for side sleeping or as a cradle. The mesh window lets us see our baby clearly, making it super convenient for both us and the little one. Setting it up for side sleeping is easy, and the adjustable features are perfect as our baby grows.

The smart design, like the mesh window and foldable mosquito net, has made our nights much more peaceful. Our baby can breathe freely, and the protection from mosquitoes ensures our little one sleeps without any disturbances.

Opening and folding it is a parent's dream. Thanks to an advanced mechanism, we can set up the bassinet in just 35 seconds. The adjustable drop side rail, stay-in-place connection system for side sleeping, and the height adjuster with an incline option give our baby customized comfort.

Including a mattress is a nice touch. The soft foam mattress with a supportive board ensures a comfy and secure sleep space for our baby. These small details really make a big difference in our baby's good nights.

The travel and storage basket feature is a game-changer for busy parents. The easy fold system and travel bag make it simple to bring our baby's comfy bed wherever we need to go. And the roomy storage basket is perfect for keeping baby essentials organized.