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Caring Starts with Maydolly, Growing with Love.

You spend months getting ready,but no matter the amount of anticipation and planning,nothing prepares you for that moment,the moment you meet for the first time,this little miracle is here,in your arms you never want to let them go,you promise yourself and you promise them,that you'll do anything,you'll provide for them,protect them,cherish them,because they're not your baby,they're your everything,it's why we make products that keep them,safe and comfortable,they deserve it,you demand it,and so do we.

Product Classification

Over the past 10 years, maydolly's product line has expanded to include baby beds, baby care tables, baby scooters, baby balance carts, campervans, baby wipes and other sub-categories.

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Guardian of Baby's Sleep

Your extra helper, available 24/7, 7 days a week! It soothes your baby while you take a bath, cook, work, or even sleep.

Breathable Mesh Wall

New Arrival 2024

From the rocking smart baby crib to the beloved bedside bed, we bring comfort to your baby's sleep in various ways. We use sustainable materials and adhere to strict safety standards to create aesthetically pleasing and practical pieces.

The moments of joy, serenity, pride and love

This unique crib has sold 56,700 units worldwide.

Baby toy series

Your tiny-legged toddler is ready to ride, thirsting for freedom, and craving adventure